Pleated Polypropylene Membrane PES Series Membrane Water Filter Cartridge 0.2 Micron

Short Description:

Pleated Membrane PES Series filter cartridge is constructed of imported hydrophillic asymmetric PES membrane and imported non-woven fabrics and silk netting as support and then pleated.The cage,PP core and end cap are thermally welded with media without using any glue.All cartridges are manufactured and assembled in a clean room environment.100% of the cartridges are integrity tested and flushed with EDI pure water.It is suitable for filtering weak acid/alkali based liquid and ultra pure water.

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Product characteristics:
• Asymmetric membrane structure
•  High hydrophillic membrance,high flow rate,the pores of membrane uniformly distributed.
•  The membrane construction of asymmetric enlarge the dirty capability and extend the life time of the filter cartridge.
•  Do not use any glue and surface active agent during production process which reduces the risk of precipitation effectively.
• 100% integrity tested
Product specification:
Dimension: [Removal Rating]: 0.1um,0.22um,0.45um,1um
[Length]: 10"(254mm), 20"(508mm), 30"(762mm), 40"(1016mm)
[OD]: Ø 60mm,65mm,68mm
Material of Constructions: [Media]: Asymmetric PES Membrane
[Drain layer]:Non-Woven Fabric (China or USA)
[End cap]: Polypropylene(PP)
[Seal/Gasket]: Silicone, EPDM, NBR, Viton
[Core]:  Polypropylene(PP),Stainless Steel(SUS)
Performance: [Max. Operating temperature]: 80℃
[Max. Operating DP]: 4.0Bar@21℃,2.4Bar@80℃.
Order Information
Series Number Romoval Rating Length CORE END CAP SEAL/GASKET OD
FWPMPES 0.1um=01 10"(254mm)=10 PP=P DOE=DOE SILICONE=S 60mm
0.22um=022 20"(508mm)=20 SUS=S 222 CLOSE=S2C EPDM=E 65mm
0.45um=045 30"(762mm)=30 222   FIN=S2F NBR=N 68mm
1um=1 40"(1016mm)=40 226 CLOSE=S6C VITON=V
226   FIN=S6F
For Example: FWPMPES-1-10-P-DOE-S


There is a PES folding filter element in the folding filter element series, which belongs to the deep filter element. Its filtering effect is relatively stable compared with other water filter elements, and it is widely used in deep filtration.

For PES folding filter element, its material and composition are the key to promote it to achieve deep filtration. The PES folding filter element is mainly made of polypropylene. It takes the melt blown microfiber membrane as its filter medium. The filtration accuracy is divided into many kinds, with 0.2 μ m、0.3 μ M up to 0.6 μ m. These accuracies are attainable.

The main feature of PES is that it is very stable and has good filtering effect. It not only has high filtering accuracy, but also has large flow and very low pressure drop. It is called fixed filter water filter element, mainly because the filter membrane of PES will not be affected by the shaking of liquid, and its filtering accuracy has been in a relatively stable state, which is also one of the reasons why it is loved by the majority of enterprises.

In order to avoid the waste of resources and reduce the expenses and costs of enterprises, PES folding filter elements can be reused, but they need to be disinfected and cleaned. This work is very important, and there are many treatment processes and precautions.

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