How to replace the filter cartridge of household water purifier?

After using the filter element of water purifier for a period of time, we all need to consider how to replace it. Generally, the filter element of water purifier has a replacement cycle of 3 months to 3 years, which is mainly replaced according to the product description cycle. For friends who use the water purifier for the first time or when replacing the filter element of water purifier for the first time, they may not know very well. Here is how to replace the filter element of water purifier, Water expert Xiaobian will explain it, hoping to help you.

First of all, we have to learn how to judge whether to replace the filter element!
1. The effluent flow is too small to meet the normal needs (indicating that the filter element is blocked, and the filter element should be cleaned to restore the normal flow). After cleaning, the flow is still too small to meet the needs;
2. The taste of the effluent decreases and the taste is close to that of tap water, that is, the chlorine smell of tap water cannot be removed, indicating that the activated carbon filter element has been saturated and the activated carbon has failed;
3. The softening function cannot be restored or the softening effect cannot meet the requirements after the softening core is regenerated;
4. The filter element has been used for two years.

One.Required tools
Filter element, 1 special wrench, 1 adjustable wrench and 1 screwdriver. Note: there will be water overflow during core replacement. Please prepare water basin, towel and other appliances.

Two. step
1. Turn off the power supply of the water purifier to prevent electric shock during installation.
2. Close the three-way valve of the water purifier. Remember not to open the filter element cover directly. First close the water source and then operate it
3. Open the filter element cover. Generally, the cover of the filter element is in the rotation mode. Rotate in the correct direction according to the mark, take out the old filter element in the water purifier, and remember to wash the water purifier when taking out.
4. After the new filter element is installed, close the filter element cover, and then open the valve for test. After 10 minutes of test, there is no problem or abnormal sound, it can be used

Three. Detailed replacement process
1. Prepare a new filter element, one PP cotton, one compressed activated carbon, one coconut shell activated carbon and one wrench.
2. Turn off the water valve at home and turn off the power. Pull out the 2 branch pipes of the water inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe. Then take out the water purifier. Prepare for the next job.
3。 Put a clean, sterilized and dry pad under the water purifier to avoid splashing the water in the filter cartridge.
4. Unscrew the filter cartridge, clean it, replace it with the prepared filter element, and we can replace it by ourselves. It is very simple to change the filter element here. Basically, it is to unscrew the previous filter element and replace it with a new filter element.
5. Put the filter element into the filter bottle as required and tighten it. Pay attention to the strength here. It can’t be too big. It’s easy to slip. If it’s too small, there may be water seepage.
6. Wipe the water stains on the filter cartridge with the tightened water purifier.
7. Put the water purifier in place, install the inlet pipe and outlet pipe, and then clamp the buckle.
8. Open the water valve. Plug in the power. It should be noted here that generally, the water valve is opened first and then the power supply is plugged in.
9. Turn on the tap and flush for about 15 minutes.

Post time: Jan-28-2022