PP Yarn String Wound AC Series Sediment 5 Micron Water Filter Cartridge

Short Description:

String Wound AC Series Filter Cartridges is made from Absorbent Cotton yarn and comes out special patterns by certain technology .It has strong dirt holding capacity because of deepth structure with loose outside part and close inner part. And as a result the filter has long servie life. It is a good choice for prefitration before RO in the making process of ultrapure water.

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Product characteristics:
•  Depth graded filtration
•  Loose outside part and close inner part of the filter comes out depth structure for graded filtration Which can retain more particles and extend the service life.
•  Wide chemical compatibility
•  Much micron ratings for choosing
Product specification:
Dimension: [Removal Rating]: 1um,5um,10um,20um,25um,50um,75um,100um,150um
[Length]: 5"(127mm),9.84"(250mm), 10"(254mm), 20"(508mm), 30"(762mm), 40"(1016mm),50"(1270mm), 60"(1524mm), 70"(1778mm)
[OD]: Ø 60mm, 62mm, 68mm, 114mm
[ID]: Ø 28mm, 30mm
Material of Constructions: [Media]: Asborbent Cotton(AC)
[End cap]: Polypropylene(PP)
[Seal/Gasket]: Silicone, EPDM, NBR, Viton
[Core]:  Polypropylene(PP),Stainless Steel(SUS)
Performance: [Max. Operating temperature]: 60℃-120℃
[Max. Operating DP]: 2.0Bar@25℃
Order Information
Series Number Romoval Rating Length CORE END CAP SEAL/GASKET ID OD
FWSWAC 1um=1 5"(127mm)=5 PP=P NON=N SILICONE=S 28mm 60mm
5um=5 9.84"(250mm)=984 SUS=S DOE=DOE EPDM=E 30mm 62mm
10um=10 10"(254mm)=10 222 CLOSE=S2C NBR=N 68mm
20um=20 20"(508mm)=20 222   FIN=S2F VITON=V 114mm
25um=25 30"(762mm)=30 226 CLOSE=S6C
50um=50 40"(1016mm)=40 226   FIN=S6F
75um=75 50"(1270mm)=50
100um=100 60"(1524mm)=60
150um=150 70"(1778mm)=70
For Example: FWSWAC-1-10-P-DOE-S-28/62


The pp string wound filter element is a kind of deep filter element, which is used for filtration with low viscosity and low impurity quality. It is made of textile fiber thread (polypropylene thread, degreasing cotton thread, etc.) which is accurately wound on the porous skeleton (polypropylene or stainless steel) according to a specific process. It has a honeycomb structure with sparse outside and dense inside, which can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, rust and other sundries in the fluid. It has very excellent filtration characteristics.

The wound filter element with good winding can show the filtering effect of the deep filter material. The ideal condition is that it is more and more dense from the outside to the inside. Therefore, when winding, the density of the filter material must be controlled by the thickness of the wire or different winding tension. The wound filter element with this internal dense and external sparse structure can have the depth effect of the deep filter material, effectively improve the filtering efficiency and intercept more dirt particles. The filtration accuracy of the wound filter material is determined by the thickness and winding density of the wire. The thinner the wire, the closer it can lean together, the smaller the pore and the higher the accuracy; Similarly, the denser the wire structure, the higher the filtration accuracy. However, in the process of filtration, the filter material must be able to maintain its specific structure and pore size in order to provide stable and uniform filtration quality.

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